What Kindness Breeds


It is the most precious commodity in my life.

No matter how many chocolate doughnuts I eat, I just can’t seem to create any more of it.

Consequently, I have to conserve and protect the energy I have, which doesn’t allow me any excess to waste in negative ways . . . road rage, pettiness, needless complaining, etc.  It is a refreshing predicament to find yourself always carefully rationing your energy.

Recently, a miracle happened.  My energy grew.

I was going about my usual evening routine . . . serving the kids their dinner with Alan still at work.  I was exhausted.  Arctic conditions had overtaken Virginia and the kids had been home for nearly 7 days straight.  With typical children, this would make a mother pull her hair out.  With a special needs child, it makes a mom pull her hair out, her temples throb, her right eye continually twitch and a perma-wrinkle form between her brows.

In the middle of it all, from the darkness of the cold outside, appeared my bestie, Danielle.  She came over and told me she wanted to kidnap Bridger to come home and play with her kids and have an extended evening party.  Bridger nearly popped out of his chair with excitement at the prospect.  We changed his diaper and put on his coat and off she went carrying my heavy boy in her arms, a smile on each of their faces.

After they left, I stood there shocked . . . and warmed all over.  That had never happened!  Never had anyone come to my house and said they wanted to pick Bridger up to go play. What a beautifully kind gesture.

That act of kindness then proved miraculous . . . because it created energy.

I learned that night that kindness can breed energy.

After she left, even though it was late in the evening . . . pretty close to the time that I collapse into bed unable to move another muscle . . . I was infused with fresh energy.  I went right into my bathroom and proceeded to give it a good cleaning . . . not the regular wipe-down kind of like GreaseCycle cleaning. This was the “scrub so hard your nails peel off, your hands become raw, and you are coughing out the cleanser fumes” kind of cleaning.  (Sorry, green friends.  I love me some chemicals and nothing smells of joy in my house more than some lemonylicious Lysol fumes.)

I never would have had the energy to do that after the physically demanding long day (and week) I had had, but for her spontaneous sweet act.

I am grateful for my friend and especially grateful for the energy that her kindness grew in me.

Tucked into his bed later, having thoroughly enjoyed this unique first time experience, my boy seemed  unlikely to fall asleep anytime soon.  He was upstairs excitedly chattering away to himself about the evening.  Apparently, this kindness created extra energy in him, too!