Warrior Mothers

Warrior MothersDictionary.com gives several meanings of the word “Warrior,” but I like this one the best: “a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness,…”

I am always in awe of  Warrior Mothers … women who spend their day serving and tending to their children’s needs and extra needs.  I understand and speak the language when it comes to “extra,” but it is very mild compared to these mothers.  These mothers I learn and grow from.   

Not too long ago I witnessed a mother and her teenage son on a walk in the Nature Center.  Every few seconds this sweet son would shout loud outbursts and then clap or bang his head with his hands.  This dear mother stayed calm as they continued on their walk.  I whispered to myself “warrior mother.”

For months and months, a beautiful mother I know has tended to her daughter’s health needs … never quite sure what the real diagnosis is … in and out of the hospital, weeks at a time.  Doctors are baffled as this sweet little girl longs for her health and childhood back, but they just can’t pinpoint the answer or cure.  This mother is her advocate, her nurse, her support, her warrior mother. 

Daily, I watch a dear friend tend to her daughter who is non-verbal.  She is her voice.  She has a gift to understand and know what her daughter is saying just by looking in her eyes.  I witness this miracle in awe.  Not only is this dear mother her daughter’s voice, but often her legs and her arms, too. I am blessed and strive to be a better person because of this warrior mother’s daily example to me.

There are what I often think of as the Queen Warrior Mothers.  These women long to have a baby in their arms to rock and love and mother.  These women long and fight and give their all to bring a baby into their home.  These women take my breath away because I can’t imagine that type of fight. It takes a warrior. Then there are Birth mothers, who are Queen Warrior Mothers as well. They give their child a better home and future because they are unable to at that time … a beautiful and selfless gift … a mother giving a mother motherhood.  Warrior Women indeed.

Then there are other Warrior Mothers … mothers who’ve had to send their babies home to heaven early, leaving them with empty arms.   I bow to these mothers.   How they put one foot in front of the other, I do not know.  I believe only by the tender love of God are they able to get through each day as they long to be reunited with their child once again.  The experience of losing a child turns a woman into a warrior. 

Each of these women have to put on armor each day, as a true warrior does. They have to protect themselves and their children.  Itwarriormombracelet shields them when having to deal with the stares, questions, doctors, insurances, schools and more.  It is a protection against the hurt and ache that often come with the role of “Warrior Mother.”

To the Warrior Mothers I know and love and to the ones I have not met personally, I love you. I learn from you. You teach me every day through your beautiful examples. 

To you, I say thank you. Thank you for teaching me patience. Thank you for teaching me perspective.

2 Responses to “Warrior Mothers”

  1. Marcy

    Beautifully said and heartfelt. Thank You for your example of love, courage, patience, hard work and gratitude. Love You Warrior Sarah!

  2. Susan Greer Susan Greer

    And to these He will one day say, “Welcome home my dear daughter, how proud I am of you and your earthly life!”