There’s an App for That!

In our world of smart phones and other high tech gadgets, it shouldn’t surprise us that app designers have discovered the special needs market.   Check out 2 websites that feature these products, Bridging Apps and Moms With Apps.  UPDATE:  One of our members suggested in a comment on this article that everyone check out Apps 4 Children With Special Needs.  Terrific site!  The site creator has 2 boys of his own with special needs and he is himself an App designer.

Please use our comment feature to review what you find there.  If you give good reviews to these sites or specific apps mentioned on them, we’ll place them on our Links page.  (Just added this one.)  Also, if you are aware of similar high tech resources or assistive devices for helping our kids learn and achieve more, please mention those in your comment.

2 Responses to “There’s an App for That!”

  1. Kara Lyon

    A4cwsn is a FB page and website that reviews all kinds of Apps for children and adults -But with a special needs take – on how they can be used, and which are most helpful ?- Lots of how to use them best videos, so parents and educators can decide if they could be helpful or useful for their kiddos:~D Gary has 2 boys of his own with special needs and he is an App designer.

  2. Site Director Lisa Riska

    Thanks for the great tip. This is exactly how the site should work.