The Power of Music

The power of music is universally acknowledged, but its benefits to children with special needs are being extolled and proven across the country.  Benefits include language development and improved social skills.  A Michigan State University newspaper article captures the enthusiasm of parents.

“For Michelle Feldhauser’s daughter, being in music therapy classes has turned her speech from a musical conversation into a real one.  Feldhauser’s daughter, Kristin Hufstedler, suffered from viral encephalitis as a baby and was nonverbal for many years, Feldhauser said. Now at age 25, her daughter has been in music therapy for the past seven years, she said.  ‘Since she’s been in music therapy — she can speak, her words are coming,’ said Feldhauser, an East Lansing resident. ‘She’s continuing to progress.’ ”

“Mary Opsommer said her son, who has autism, has limited language skills. When he began music therapy classes at 5 years old, she never anticipated one day she would be watching him play the piano and harpsichord or performing in front of a large audience.”    

Another article about the benefits of therapeutic music can be found here.  (Google for music therapy providers in your area.  There are many around the country.)

Has your child benefited from a music therapy program?  In what ways?  Please share below.