The Crowning Gift

McKay sqBasking in the afterglow of General Conference, I came across a yellowed scrap of paper in my files . . . probably the first such piece of paper I ever saved.  It is a quote from the Prophet of the Church at that time . . . my Prophet.  I was 15, taking the missionary lessons, having my first experiences with personal prayer, and hungry to understand what this warm feeling was that I felt after my halting and childlike prayers.
Lisa Riska, Site Director

Be lifted . . . as I was . . . by President David O. McKay.

“Spirituality is the highest acquisition of the soul, the divine in man — the supreme crowning gift that makes him king of all created things.  It is the consciousness of victory over self, and of communion with the infinite.  To acquire more and more power, to feel one’s faculties unfolding, and one’s soul in harmony with God and with the infinite — that is spirituality.  It is that alone which really gives one the best in life.”