Temple Grandin Interview

In early April [2012], the CDC released new, shocking figures on the prevalence of autism, indicating an astonishing 78 percent increase since 2002.  In a recent interview, Temple Grandin, subject of the award winning movie Temple Grandin  and arguably the most high-profile individual with autism in America, speaks out about the statistics.  She also addresses the impact of wider autism awareness on those with autism and their families, positives as well as some potential negatives.

Particularly touching to The Liahona Project was her poignant mention of her mother and the isolation of families years ago.

“When I was young my mother was totally alone. It would have definitely made a lot of difference (if) she would have had other parents to talk to in a support group and none of that existed in the ’50s.”

She has authored a new book “Different … Not Less,” a collection of inspiring personal essays by people on the autistic spectrum who are also gainfully employed. The collection, she says, was “meant to inspire young people with autism to attain successful working lives.”