Surviving the Season of Peace

Does this picture ring any silver bells?  Christmas season can be a very stressful time for kids with special needs and  their families.

Bright lights, loud music, bearded strangers, and upended routines of all sorts contribute.  These factors are especially difficult for children with autism and related sensory disorders.  And let’s just admit it, the added pressure of big family gatherings can contribute to the strain.

After sifting through a number of articles seeking to advise parents, we’ve chosen the following two as most helpful.  All are good, but . . .

As an inclusive guide to special needs generally – with some excellent tips for handling relatives – we suggest this.

With a little more emphasis on kids with sensory issues, we thought this very well written.

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Of course, as brothers and sisters in the gospel, we know that the reason for  the celebration is the Savior Jesus Christ  —  the author of all peace  —  in whose name we ask the Father for personalized counsel and consolation.

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