You are also encouraged to submit:

~  a photo of your child for our rotating gallery
~ a suggested link for our Web Links page
~  a suggested video or one of your own creation
~  a quote for our Encouraging Words section
~  an original poem or one you’ve found uplifting
~  a book, movie, or web link review

pencil2Do you like to write?  We’d love to have you submit a personal essay.

Feeling hesitant?  Mormons have a heritage of journal keeping … and a current enthusiasm for blogging … but maybe you’ve never really considered yourself a writer.  Consider it.  Become one of our Liahona Project authors.

Being here means you have life experiences both in common with the rest of us and uniquely your own.  Your insights in your voice can encourage, educate, uplift, and give perspective to others.

Still hesitant?  Think about this.  Our Heavenly Father has shown a decided preference for endeavors that lift the giver plus a multitude of receivers (think parenting, missionary work, temple work … the list goes on).  Writing empowers the writer even as reading empowers the reader.  Be part of a powerful win-win.

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