Submission Procedures

Original essays:  We encourage you to submit by email ( ) an essay of 300-1200 words.  This can be:

~  any original personal story that shares something of your family’s journey  .  .  .  or,
  an essay-length response to a Community Survey question
~  an essay in response to or prompted by a previously published essay
~  an original poem or one you’ve found uplifting
~  a personal review of a relevant movie, book, or web link

Instructions:  Please, no attached “Word” documents.  Simply paste the full essay into the body of your email.  If it’s already on your personal blog, you may instead include a link to the specific page on your blog where it appears.  The Subject line of your email should include your Title and your full name.  Please also include these two in the body of the submission.

We appreciate spell-checked, well-proofed submissions, but they don’t have to be perfect.  Should it be needed, our gentle editor reserves the right to respectfully edit submissions for length, structure, grammar, etc.  (If that’s done, we’ll send you a copy of the edited version for your approval before it goes live.)  You’ll receive a confirmation from us that we’ve received your email and we’ll contact you within two weeks regarding the status of your submission.

If you have a photo or graphic that you feel supports the message of your article, please include it (verifying you have right of publication for any photo).

Other Submissions to the site:  Please submit to the same email address

Cincopa WordPress plugin
~  a family photo for our rotating gallery → → → → → → 
Attach jpeg only & include your child’s first name; the most interesting photos will show your child interacting with family members or others

~  a suggested link for our Web Links page
Include the homepage url & tell us why you like it

~  a suggested video or one of your own creation for our Media page.
Include the url if already posted somewhere & tell us why you like it; if it’s of your own making, give us the background

~  a quote for our Encouraging Words section
Include the referenced author’s name and the source article including its url if you have it & tell us why you like the quote/article