Students Design Calming Chairs

Those who have seen the biopic about Temple Grandin will remember how she invented a machine that “hugged” her, calming and comforting her when she felt agitated.  It worked for her and others, but was large, cumbersome, and very expensive.

Now, at the behest of a father, engineering students in Kansas have created and trademarked two designs that could make this soothing technology available for use by children with autism both at school and at home.

“Using such items as a papasan chair, an inflatable air bag, a swimming pool noodle and a remote control air pump, they designed and built a device that not only provides deep pressure to calm the user, but is affordable and looks like a regular piece of furniture. It could work in the home or in an educational or clinical setting.”

To learn more about this, read the source article HERE.

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