Sports on Wheels

wheelchair tennisWheelchair athletics today go way beyond racing to include basketball, tennis, rugby, swimming and various winter sports.  Specialized wheelchairs play a big part, and the designs are intriguing.  Kim Norman, one of our readers, suggested that we add 1-800 wheelchair” to our Links page (already added) as a resource for information on this and all other aspects of life in a wheelchair.  (There is a commercial page on the site where wheelchairs and accessories can be ordered, but our link will by-pass that page.)

Click here to go directly to the wide-ranging page on Wheelchair Athletes. wheelchair b-ball (Many of these sports are part of the Paralympics, as mentioned in a previously published article about LDS paralympians.)

From the Athletics page, you can access posts about home modification, work issues, and travel tips, as well as serious counsel on adjustment to what they call “life on wheels.”wheelchair racing