Special Needs Travel

SpecialGlobeTravelTraveling with special needs children can be a very difficult thing . . . witness the several airplane incidents that have been in the news this last year.

“Trekking into the great unknown is exhilarating for most, but if you are the parent of a child with special needs, the unknown is your biggest obstacle.”

So says Meghann Harris, the senior founder of a new travel website for families of children with physical and cognitive challenges.  Harris’ daughter, Eliza, 8, has atypical Rett syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder.

Harris’ website is called Special­Globe.comCheck it out to see if it could provide a benefit to your family.

UPDATE:  Fox News is featuring SpecialGlobe.com in an article currently on its website, along with additional suggestions from yet another proactive parent on planning vacations.  The article also identifies 7 appealing family destinations that have given specific thought to families with “differently abled” children.  (One of them is Morgan’s Wonderland which we’ve been promoting on our Links page for over 3 years.)  Check it all out HERE.