Sensory Friendly Apparel

SpecialNeedsClothingThis site has, and always will be, totally non-commercial.   However, I feel certain that many of our readers would be interested in this.

Independence Day Clothing was created to focus on special needs kids, particularly those with autism and other conditions that make them especially sensitive to the feel of things.

“I know it sounds like such a non-issue,” explains founder Lauren Thierry. “And yet, if your kid can’t get dressed, they can’t get out of the house.” With the reality that she won’t be around forever, she wanted to do something to solve the problem now.

Young people such as my son, who has manual dexterity problems due to residual effects of his history of seizures, could also benefit from the simplicity and “no-wrong-way-to-wear-them” of the designs.

Thierry also eliminated buttons and zippers, which can be obstacles for those who have issues with their fine and gross motor skills. Tags and lace, common irritants for people with sensory and processing disorders, are also absent from Independence Day pieces.

This proactive mother has also thought of and provided an anxiety reliever for those parents who kids have a propensity to “wander.”  Her company has partnered with Angelsense and designed inconspicuous “pockets” in the clothing to fit a small GPS locator.

Take a look at the ARTICLE about this mother/entrepaneur and then visit the website Independence Day Clothing to see if her products could make you and your child’s lives easier.

Lisa Riska, Site Director