Room at the Inn

christmas turnawayI suspect many of our readers have at some time heard the (anecdotal?) story of Harold, a child described as “kind of a slow and simple kid,” who desperately wants to be in the school Christmas play. He’s given the part of the innkeeper because it has only one line:

“There is no room for you!”

Comes the big night, Harold surprises all by delivering his one line sternly and flawlessly . . . but as the sad-faced Mary and Joseph turn and walk away, chases after the couple, calling:

“Wait! Wait! You can have my room!”

I thought of this touching story when I read the following quote from Elder Neal A. Maxwell.  In just 14 words, he turns that scriptural moment into a profound individual challenge.

“Each of us is an Innkeeper
who decides if there is room for Jesus.”