My Calling, My Friend

Skyler & MattLast summer was crazy for me.  It was my last summer before my first year of high school.  I was moving (just up the street from my old house), and most importantly, I got a calling and the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

I was hanging out with some friends after a long day of packing when I received a call from my mom.  I was slightly worried when she said that she was coming to pick me up so that we could “talk” for about ten minutes. She picked me up and drove me home and that is when I saw a member of my stake high council parked there waiting for me.

As a fifteen year old boy, I had no idea what to expect.  By this time I was shaking with nerves until he called me to be a youth counselor for the Special Needs Mutual Program.  My sister had had this calling in the past, but this was a whole new thing for me.  All I knew was that my next year was gonna be different.  Between that day and today I have grown.

For those who don’t know, in Special Needs Mutual, counselors are assigned to specific youth with mental disabilities.  I got assigned to be with a wonderful young man, Matt.  As soon as we started talking, I knew that we were going to have a wonderful year.

Within weeks I no longer thought of this as a calling as much as a gathering of friends.  Those with and without these disabilities are all friends and equals and kids.  Every Thursday night my spirit is filled as full as it has ever been.  Matt has become a best friend and a teacher to me.  I feel like nothing I say can express what this means to me and what a blessing it has been to my life.

I feel like instead of me magnifying my calling, my calling has magnified me.

One Response to “My Calling, My Friend”

  1. Kate

    Thank you Skyler for bringing so much happiness to Matt’s life! He lives for Thursday nights!