More People to Love

We are officially retired and getting settled in Draper, UT (still searching for items we know we packed … where IS that muffin pan?)  We are excited to be close to grandchildren.  Matt is especially excited about that.  He is — as he will readily tell you — an “Awesome Uncle” (sister had a T-shirt made).  We are excited by the array of opportunities that were unavailable to him in a small Texas town . . . Special Needs Mutual, Special Olympics, Camp K, hopefully some sort of job, and before too long his real dream . . . a house with roommates.

It will be great to have those of you in Salt Lake as a resource on local programs and opportunities for him. One of the major goals of this site is to encourage that between parents in all areas of the country.

We will miss the mission-field vibrancy of our little Branch in Texas where friends for a lifetime have been made. We’ve learned lessons of love and service and outreach that have stretched our spirits and must never be forgotten.

Now we look forward to the excitement of a big Ward (whose members have already welcomed us with warmth … even as they unloaded our possessions in a snowstorm).  New service opportunities and new friends await . . . to use a phrase Matt came up with before the last move . . . “More people to love!”

2 Responses to “More People to Love”

  1. Tobie

    All the guys say Hi to Matt and they miss him!!!

    • Annie Boxell Annie Boxell

      Hopefully Matt will need a T-Shirt soon that reads, “I am an awesome ROOMMATE” and I am excited for him!