How has having a brother or sister with special needs affected your life?

3 Responses to “How has having a brother or sister with special needs affected your life?”

  1. Cindy Larson Evie (age 9)

    Having my special brother makes life better because I always have someone there who understands that things aren’t always easy. He taught me to be patient and to wait for things in life. He is fun because he helps me smile and laugh at simple things. He makes life more fun at Disney. Having a special brother makes life harder because his screaming makes me impatient. It is frustrating when we are supposed to go some place but then he gets sick so we can’t. I love my brother.

  2. Miranda Marrott Miranda Marrott

    My perspective is slightly different, I suppose, as I am raising my special needs brother. In a multitude of ways, it is more challenging than having special needs children … even though, like I said, I am raising him, too. Having said that, having him in my home enriches my life by opening my eyes to the world from new angles. His presence challenges my self-control, demands greater extensions of my compassion and patience, and is molding me into a better version of myself than I could have ever imagined. He is a constant manifestation of the Atonement in our home, a tangible lesson of redemption and love. All of which, makes me feel like the luckiest sister ever.

  3. Virginia Kyle Virginia Kyle

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Virginia chose to give a longer length response to this question. Read her poignant Personal Essay, True Blue Hayley.