General Conference

GeneralConferenceHow thrilling is it that the whole Church is gathered to hear the words of the Prophet this weekend?  I like to think of it as a great family reunion that we have twice a year . . . with all those beloved “relatives” in Poland, Cambodia, Chile, India, Japan, Italy, Great Britain and so on.

When those first 6 members organized the Church in 1830, they envisioned this . . .  we began to talk about the kingdom of God as if we had the world at our command; we talked with great confidence, … although we were not many people; … we saw by vision the church of God, a thousand times larger.  Every nation, kindred, tongue and people;  that was the commandment and the goal.  Kindred . . . I like that.
____________________________________ Lisa Riska, Site Director

This was first printed on 2012 April Conference weekend and has been reprinted during several subsequent Conference weekends, all of which were, as usual, magnificent!

This Conference Weekend, be lifted by each other . . . as you share your responses to the Previous Community Survey Question which asks

What past or current General Conference talk has most strengthened and inspired you … and why?

When we originally asked this question, we got a marvelous response.  So many more people are visiting the site now, we’re anxious to hear from them . . . from you.

It may be a talk that moved and encouraged you years ago . . . or you might have heard what will be your all-time favorite this weekend.  Your answer may or may not pertain directly to your role in the life of a child with special needs.  Each of us has many roles.  But sharing what uplifted you is another way to fulfill the “mutual mentoring” goal of this site.  Please respond at the above link, rather than below, unless you have a general comment about Conference to make.