Five Good Things

thumbs upWe have a tradition in our family.  It’s called 5 Good Things!

It is said that if a person hears 5 good things a day about themselves from people whose opinion means something to them,  their self esteem and personal resilience will flourish. I can testify that this is a true principle . . . and that it is particularly effective with children that have special challenges and needs.

Moms and Dads, husbands and wives . . . everyone really . . . find love flourishes in such an environment.  And why stop with only 5 a day?

Lisa Riska, Site Director

Below is a great illustration of the power of compliments.  See how this marvelous teacher builds his students (and the whole class atmosphere) with the simple power of a compliment.


Try this in your families and use the Comment section below to share the results. Undoubtedly, many of you already build your family this way.   Please consider contributing a Personal Essay about your experience with this principle.

A previously published Personal Essay also relates to this issue, especially as it pertains to special need families . . .  Gifts and Challenges.