First and Foremost: A Healthy Marriage

In a recent article, The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center has some powerful things to say to parents about prioritizing their marriage while raising their special needs child(ren).

“Raising children with developmental, emotional, behavioral or medical special needs inarguably impacts a marriage. The manner in which it changes, however, is not determined by the nature or severity of the child’s disorder nor even by the number of children with disabilities in a family; the impact is determined by the manner in which the couple handles intensive child-rearing demands and related stressors. Juggling the seemingly endless logistical and emotional issues associated with parenting children with special needs can cause couples to make their relationship much less of a priority.”

Warning against this, they strongly encourage parents to

“make the decision together that your marriage is worth protecting no matter how great your child’s needs are.”

As Latter-day Saints who understand the eternal nature of marriage and family, this is supremely important counsel.

An excellent tip sheet highlighting effective principles and strategies to do this can be downloaded here.

••• What are some of the things you and your husband do to “protect” your marriage? (Besides commenting here, you are encouraged to add the spiritual dimension by answering this particular previous Community Survey Question . . . one response to that Survey has already been offered … don’t miss it.)