Favorite Conference Talk

President Faust and Cindy PriceTwenty-six years ago, I was pregnant with our son, Evan, who had been diagnosed with Spina Bifida prenatally.  I was trying to come to grips with the challenges he would face in his life.

My husband and I went down to Los Angeles to UCLA Medical Center to meet with the neurosurgeon who would be performing surgery.  We stayed at the Temple apartments there and decided to attend a session.  The sweet man at the recommend desk asked if we would mind doing sealings.  We were happy just to be in the Temple so we went up to the sealing rooms.  We were put into a room with a sweet white-haired sister and another man.

The sealer came in and asked if anyone had a family member that needed a prayer before we started the sealing session.  (We had never had that question asked before and haven’t since.)  Glancing at each other, we decided to share that our little unborn baby would be born with a disabling birth defect.  What a precious moment to hear a loved one’s name prayed for over an altar of a Temple!!  We continued on with the sealings.

On the way out the room, this sweet little Sister Tustin stopped me and said that just last night she was listening to old conferences talks and heard a talk for parents of children with disabilities.  She wanted to send me a copy of the talk.  I gave her our address and, sure enough, a week later I received a cassette in the mail with a talk from President James E. Faust.  His talk touched me to the core.  At that moment I knew we would be able to face all of the challenges ahead.

About two years later, President Faust spoke at a Regional Conference in Santa Barbara. I could barely wait until the conference was over to go up there, shake his hand, and let him know how much his talk touched me.  With Evan in arms, I went up and did shake his hand and explained my whole story. (Everyone else just shook hands and left; I took a while.)  He was so sweet and patient and listened to everything I wanted to say.  Then, a couple of months later, my Bishop came to me with an envelope and inside was a picture of me shaking President Faust’s hand.  I have no idea who took that picture, how they even knew who I was, or how the Bishop got it.  It is definitely a cherished possession.

I have no doubt that Heavenly Father played a role in all this.  I do NOT believe it was a coincidence that Sister Tustin and I made it to the same temple sealing session, that she had listened to that talk the night before, or that the sealer asked if anyone had a family member who needed prayer.  I’m grateful so many people listened to the Spirit that day so that I could hear that inspired talk. I’m grateful for the words of wisdom from prophets and apostles to help us in this life.

To hear or read The Works of God, go to http://www.lds.org/general-conference/1984/10/the-works-of-god?lang=eng

This was originally a response to the Community Survey Question that read “What past or current General Conference talk has most strengthened and inspired you … and why?”  We welcome such essay-length responses to any Community Survey Question.