Enough Honor

heart treeValentine’s Day calls for poetry!

So many great poems about love have been written, though, it’s presumptuous to pick one and suppose it expresses another’s experience.

Still, I share one of my  favorites . . . one that, unlike many tributes to love, expresses the emotional intimacy of mature, married love and the honor of knowing someone “better than the rest have known.”
Lisa Riska, Site Director

Be lifted by poet Sara Teasdale.

 The Beloved 

It is enough honor for one lifetime
_ To have known you better than the rest
____ have known,
The shadows and the colors of your voice,
_ Your will, immutable and still as stone.

The shy heart, so earnest and so dear,
_ The sad laughter and the pride of pride,
The tenderness, the depth of tenderness
_ Rich as the earth,
_____ and wide as heaven is wide.