Don’t Miss This

Daryl Hoole, well-known LDS writer and speaker on home and family topics, has written a terrific article on Meridian Magazine that should be of interest to all of you. Entitled “Serving Family Members Who Have Disabilities,” it contains first person stories from 3 families, each dealing with a distinctly different challenge. Sister Hoole frames their stories powerfully, addressing three specific questions we all want and need answers to:

“How do these parents encourage their other children to be cooperative and helpful rather than to think they are being neglected and feel resentment toward the sibling who requires so much of the parents’ time and attention?”

“How do these parents keep the household functioning satisfactorily in spite of exceptionally heavy demands and constant needs of a child?”

“How does such a situation affect family life?”

I learned some things from reading this article. I recommend it heartily. Now by all means leave a comment at that site . . . but then come back here and share your response with all of us. This could be the catalyst for a dynamic and informative discussion.

NOTE: Subsequent to publishing this article, Daryl added a “Special Note” referencing The Liahona Project at the bottom of a future column, attracting a good number of new participants . . . for which we are grateful.