Don’t Feed Me

Don't Feed Me shirtHere’s an idea for young children with severe food allergies.  The Don’t Feed Me shirt is the brainchild of actress Kym Whitley whose 2-year-old son Joshua has such allergies.

According to an ABC News article by Karen Keller . . .

At least 3 million American children have a food or digestive allergy, and the problem is growing, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Between 1997 and 2007, the figure rose 18 percent.

Dr. Wayne Shreffler, director of the Food Allergy Center at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has expressed ” ‘mixed feelings’ about the T-shirts, because they could become a bully magnet,”  though he adds that, “schools increasingly are aware of the issue … and by and large, most schools handle it well.”

Whitley emphasizes that “the shirts were meant to be Don't Feed Me Joshua smworn by children who are too young – younger than 5 – to communicate their needs or to know how to read.”

Several parents who left comments on the article share the bullying concern.  The use of a child’s name on a T-shirt was also of concern to some.

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One Response to “Don’t Feed Me”

  1. Jana

    It reminds me of a friend growing up who had multiple allergies. His mother put a short apron/vest on him that said “Don’t feed me. I’m allergic.” He’s a university professor now–don’t think he suffered too much for it, but I can see that some might make it difficult for them. His allergies could have been life threatening though, so there were higher priorities.