Cycle Breakers

BreakingCycles2A college psychology textbook, in a chapter called “Reality Therapy,” told of a young man who went to a psychologist for treatment.  He proceeded to tell the story of his childhood to the man . . . a story of such multiple and unspeakable horrors that the professional said to him,  “Son, of all the people I have ever treated, your story is the very worst.  You have every right  to be miserable for the rest of your life … (he paused) … of course, you are the one who’ll be miserable.”

Some people who have “every right”  to be miserable … choose otherwise.  They decide not to be a product of their past.  They are cycle breakers. 

Be lifted by the story of one such man . . .  Sam Bracken.

Had a blessed childhood yourself?  Be one of the angels who are always part of such a story.