Caroline’s Cart


This story just keeps getting better as more grocery stores across the country recognize an opportunity to significantly enhance the shopping experience of families with special needs members.  This latest article announces that Commissaries (on-base grocery stores serving military families) are beginning to get onboard.  See this article out of San Diego.

One of the first Articles we ever published was about Caroline’s Cart. It was 2011 and it had only just been created. So much has happened since then (and we have so many more readers) that we again want to bring it to your attention.

It’s a great story of a proactive parent seeing a need and doing something creative about it . . . something that improved not just the life of her family, but many other families as well (there’s that win-win phenomenon the Lord loves).

The mother, Drew Ann Long, wanted a way to include her disabled daughter Caroline in the everyday experience of grocery shopping. Caroline had outgrown the “baby” seat regular carts offer. Pushing a grocery cart while simultaneously maneuvering a wheelchair was an impractical and exhausting endeavor. So she invented what she needed . . . what so many special needs families needed. Now it is being implemented across the country by stores that see the service opportunity as well as the immediate customer loyalty such a offering engenders.

CarolinesCartBridgerFind out more about Caroline’s Cart on their WEBSITE (don’t miss all the links and videos that you find there). Then, be part of the win-win by making your favorite local grocery store aware of this wonderful opportunity to serve you and countless others in your community.

For those who might not recognize him from his mom’s Essays, this is Bridger Larson in the cart (son of popular Liahona Project Author, Cindy Rands Larson.)