Caroline’s Cart Is Rolling Into Target Stores

CC-cartTargetThe Liahona Project has been following the success of “Caroline’s Cart” since shortly after its invention by Drew Ann Long, the mother of a special needs child who, out of her own need, designed a shopping cart that has transformed the grocery shopping experience for special needs families around the country.

One of the first articles we ever published was about this proactive mother and the success of her creation.  We updated that article more recently (when the military Commissaries in San Diego began to offer it to their shoppers).  GO HERE TO READ THAT ARTICLE (which contains a LINK to the Caroline’s Cart Website.

Just recently, Target, one of the country’s most popular shopping chains, has come on board.  That makes the cart available for more than just grocery shopping. It’s a wonderful development for families across the country. Available in some stores since a year ago, Target will soon be placing them in all their stores across the country.  Read all about it HERE.