Autism Spectrum Disorder

autism 2The latest statistic on the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in U.S. children is 1 in 68. The new number represents a 30% increase from two years ago. This reality demands that not only the parents of these children … but also extended family, church leaders, teachers, the general public for that matter … become knowledgeable about ASD. How else can we provide an understanding and loving support network to those parents … and to their kids?

Recently, one of our community suggested an article containing links to many others covering a wide range of topics about Autism. While most are directed toward parents of children on the spectrum, I found myself better educated, more enlightened, and certainly more capable of empathy after reading them.

Parents of previously and newly diagnosed children will appreciate the encouragement and guidance . . . and they may find the very readable articles helpful in educating siblings, extended family, and church leaders to better support them in the way all those people really want to.

Lisa Riska, Site Director

The overriding article can be reached at THIS LINK.

We greatly look forward to comments on this material and suggestions for further links.

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  1. Shard

    What an awesome list! I would love to reference you, and this page, in my Blog.