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Eugenie was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. She came to BYU to complete a Masters degree in Social Work. She met her husband Rob while working as an intern at LDS Family Services. He was a doctoral student of Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Utah native. They are the parents of 3 and live in Salt Lake City. Her eldest child, David, suffered severe birth trauma which included a stroke and oxygen deprivation. He is 8 years old and has severe autism along with cognitive delays and feeding difficulties. When David was born, Eugenie retired from clinical practice to do the hardest job on earth ... raise a disabled child. She is assisted by 2 beautiful daughters and the world's best dad. She loves to bargain shop and take naps. She chronicles her family's blessings and stressings on her blog, Blessed in Weakness. (
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Noble Spirit

David’s body has grown bigger and stronger, but his mind is still behind, trapped inside the prison of autism. His ability to communicate is severely limited and his functioning is impaired by odd behaviors, emotional outbursts and limited understanding. Even … Continued

A Family That Pulls Together

It was the 4th of July and we dared to be in a parade with David. Actually we did it for the girls. The thought of being the center of so much attention made them giddy. So I spruced up … Continued

The Kindness of Others

It was Sunday afternoon.  We were in our usual spot.  While the rest of the congregation enjoyed sacrament service from the chapel, we occupied the foyer. Emma ran around gleefully, enjoying the independence that comes with being two.  David was … Continued