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Rebekah is the mother of nine children, ranging from 20 years to 27 months. Her youngest, Aaron, has Trisomy 18, a condition considered to be “incompatible with life.” He is trached and ventilator dependent as well as g-tube fed. She and her husband are both graduates of BYU and live in Alpine, Utah. They keep busy with the many activities a large family entails, including scouting, dance, soccer, wrestling and school. Aaron has taught the whole family what is really important: to love unconditionally and rely on the Lord. Rebekah blogs about her experiences and emotions in raising this beautiful spirit at "Compatible With Joy – Trisomy 18" (
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Grounded . . . for “Life”

Boom!  He’s grounded.  Until Easter. Yeah, we tried to make it work this winter.  He’s doing so well.  But more and more I’m hearing about how bad the flu season is.  More people around here are getting sick.  More children … Continued

It’s Okay To Be A Lower Light

Sometimes (often?) we feel like we have to know it all, do it all, be it all. Especially when you parent a medically fragile child, the feeling creeps in.  Do I really know enough? Can I do it?  I have … Continued


We hear all our lives about balance.  As a child, you balance on a bike, you balance on the curb.  Your mom tries to get you to eat a balanced diet (do cookies and fruit count?) When we grow up, … Continued

Who Is My Neighbor?

According to the parable, a certain man fell among thieves and needed help.  And the one that came to the rescue was not the expected person.  Now, I’m not trying to say that we’ve had thieves here, but there have … Continued

The Worth of Souls

I never, NEVER dreamed that things like this happened today.  In Nazi Germany, among Hitler’s very first victims were the infirm in body or mind.  He started with them.  Today, while I’m sure they would be appalled at being compared … Continued

Compatible with Joy

Today was Fast and Testimony Sunday. It didn’t start out as anything special. Except, I wanted to feel something, learn something. So maybe that was enough. The scriptures teach us that fasting brings forth blessings. When his disciples tried to … Continued