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Miranda and her recently retired military husband are the parents of four children, three boys and one girl, ranging in age from 12 to 16. Previously, they also raised her now-adult half-brother. Between all of the children she has had the privilege of raising, she has encountered: Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, OCD, depression, generalized anxiety, fetal drug exposure, Borderline Personality Disorder, Borderline Cognitive Functioning, a hearing impairment, moderate/severe stuttering, and a mood disorder. As a Ricks College student, Miranda had the opportunity of working as a volunteer with children with special needs and then later as an employee in a life skills center for disabled adults. Both of these opportunities, along with her B.S. in Psychology, helped to prepare her for life raising children with behavioral, neurological, developmental, and mental health challenges. Currently, Miranda works as a Life Skills teacher in a self-contained special education classroom for middle school students with moderate/severe disabilities. As a military spouse, she has lived in many different places, both stateside and overseas, and has witnessed a variety of systems for helping individuals with special needs. These experiences instilled in her a strong desire to always advocate for her children. Yes, she has experienced her fair share of evaluation processes, hospital stays, treatment plans and prescriptions changes, but at the end of the day, she recognizes that it is not the diagnoses, but rather her children’s hearts that matter most. Miranda writes her thoughts about maintaining this focus on her blog “This Side of Invisible” (
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Dismissed From Services

“I’m afraid that most likely your child doesn’t qualify for services anymore.” I heard those dreaded words today.  I paused, afraid that if I responded too soon I’d yell or cry.  I asked a few clarifying questions, blinking back tears … Continued

Leaving Home

Let’s be clear … I’m not God.  Nor am I His spokesperson.  But I have studied His words for the majority of my life.  I’ve poured my heart out to Him.  I have listened to His still, small voice.  And, I … Continued

His Own Brand of Awesome

I took my oldest son back-to-school shopping the other day.  It was awesome … sad … exciting … funny … inspiring … surprising … mama-heartbreaking. Big Brother was diagnosed with Aspergers  in 2009, when he was eight years old.  Before that, it was years of evaluations … Continued


Something I always tell my children: It’s not about you.  It’s about what you are doing and how that affects those around you. Of course, that is the lecture they hear when they are doing things wrong, when they are … Continued

Defining Hope

A REVIEW of Life Without Limits by Nick Vujucic (Nick Vujicic is a 30 year old Australian of Serbian descent who was born without arms or legs. He has overcome that extraordinary circumstance with deep faith, courage, humor … and flair.) … Continued

The Very Things I Love

Being a mother is hard. It’s mentally and emotionally taxing in unimaginable ways. Having a child with special needs multiplies the difficulties tenfold. As the mother of multiple children with special needs, there are many, many days when insanity reigns … Continued