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Lindsey was born and raised in Eastern Idaho and graduated with her RN from BYU-Idaho. There she caught a Canadian's attention and married him. They live in Boise, Idaho where her husband Ezra teaches seminary, she gets to be at home with her four children, and they both write for their own blog plus The Liahona Project. There's nothing they love more than being a mom and dad ... and within the last few years now claim the title, "special needs parents." Their third child, Elise, is 4 years old and still with no firm diagnosis. What seemed like autism eventually turned into looking like Rett Syndrome. They have done various rounds of genetic testing all coming back as normal. Their nonverbal daughter has many autistic-like characteristics as well as repetitive hand movements and limited use of her hands. Although she is silent, she speaks volumes through her stellar spirit and has touched many lives. You can follow Elise's journey and special lessons her parents have learned at or follow them on Facebook, "Our Silent Princess."
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What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

A few days ago Elise graduated from Kindergarten. As our family passes through certain milestones with Elise they can be difficult. (What seemed like autism eventually turned into looking like Rett Syndrome.) We certainly have moved passed wishing …

Her Voice

Last Sunday was our ward’s Primary program and Elise’s first one participating in. When the speaking parts were assigned and passed out to each child, I was pleased to know that Elise had a speaking part as well. It is … Continued