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Cindy is the mother of 5 young children currently ranging from ages 3-10. Bridger, her 4th child, has a rare genetic disorder, Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation type 1a. He has global challenges, including physical, cognitive, speech, vision, seizures and g-tube feeding to name a few. She and her husband, both graduates of BYU, live in their native Northern Virginia where her husband practices law in D.C. and she stays at home with their children. Cindy would love to say that she enjoys watercolors, exotic travels, penning her novels and baking. But the demands of parenting 5 small children, including a medically complex child, and all that goes along with it, limit her list of current hobbies and pleasures to fine chocolate, good reads, fabulous friends and making the best shortbread cookie this side of the Mississippi. She chronicles her family's "blessings and stressings" on her blog "Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow" (
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Dear UPS Guy

Dear UPS Guy, It’s early Friday evening, and I know we are both tired.  But in your effort to save yourself some steps, you prevented someone who is unable to take any steps at all from going into a toy … Continued

A Vertical Perspective

I want to kiss it! I want to plant my lips right on that big squished glob on the sole of his shoe. You know why? Because there is a big squished glob on the sole of his shoe. Which … Continued

The Flip Side to Flexible

When you have Special in your life, you learn to adapt.  As do your other children. I am not speaking of the adapting of your physical environment – your home, your furniture, the car, etc. Although, we do all of … Continued

What Kindness Breeds

Energy. It is the most precious commodity in my life. No matter how many chocolate doughnuts I eat, I just can’t seem to create any more of it. Consequently, I have to conserve and protect the energy I have, which doesn’t … Continued

There’s No Place Like Home

There’s no place like home, but I sure wish there was. I wish there was some place with the familiarity, quiet and comforts that allow Bridger to feel at ease while allowing us to be in public without all the stresses … Continued

My Tattoo

Don’t have one.  Yet.  I am seriously considering getting one.  I have been thinking about it for awhile.  What would it read and where would I put it, you wonder? He has Special Needs — inked directly across my forehead. … Continued


February 28th is Rare Disease Day and I LOVE somebody Rare! There are only a couple hundred of those with his same diagnosis in the US. I believe I won the lottery. There may be 10k’s or bumper stickers one … Continued

Go Play Somewhere Else

Trying to be “normal.”  Trying to “fit in.”  Trying to do those things as a family that I did “before.”  Trying to go to the squirting fountains at Fairfax Corner. The weather was beautiful.  There was a one-man-band playing children’s … Continued

Counting Turtles

I had an interesting conversation a few summers ago.  A mother was exhaustively, and proudly, telling me of the bizillion activities and lessons that each of her children were signed up for.  After I listened to her going through each … Continued

The Heart of Halloween

There are many holiday traditions for our family that have had to be severely adapted or done away with. Halloween is included, for a variety of reasons. Last year we made great strides with Bridger participating by passing out candy … Continued