Ask A Better Question

Answer searchI used to ask myself (and my children) the following question when I was feeling really down and discouraged … especially when I was down about myself.  The question was: “In whose best interest is it … God’s or Satan’s … that I be feeling this way?”  If it were Satan’s, as it always is when we’re immobilized by negativity,  I’d tell myself (or them) … “Discouragement is not in God’s toolbox.  You’re listening to the wrong coach.”

Several years ago, Sister Wendy Watson Nelson wrote a marvelous book called Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, in which she framed the same question more succinctly:

“Whose agenda does it serve” that I be feeling this way?

At once visually entertaining, intellectually stimulating, and incredibly profound, the book creatively explores the role of questions, emphasizing our power (our agency) to determine our life experience by the questions we ask.
————————————————————————————— Lisa Riska, Site Director

Be lifted by Wendy Watson Nelson.Wendy_Watson_Nelson

“Questions can be powerful!  They can help us to see, feel, think, and do things differently!  Do you want better relationships?  Then ask better questions.  Do you want a great life?  Learn to ask great questions.”

“This pattern was never better exemplified than when a young, fourteen-year-old boy accepted the familiar invitation from James — ‘If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God’ — and decided to ask God which church he should join.  That single question not only changed his life forever, but also changed the world forever.”

“What trouble-making questions do you presently ask yourself, others, or the Lord that invite the 4 Ds into your life:  doubt, discouragement, depression and despair?  Questions that begin with:  Why am I so . . . ?  Why do I always have to … ? Why doesn’t he ever … ?  “Why does she always …?”

“The truth is that the Lord wants you to have a great life and the adversary doesn’t.  Simply put, the adversary wants you to be as miserable as he is.  Asking ourselves great questions, useful questions, inspired questions, and truth-filled questions can help us put on our essential protecting armor.”

These are just a few excerpts.  It is not possible to capture the full scope of this book with quotes.  More information and reviews