App Development … A Niche for Adults with Autism

The Non-Pareil Institute (for “no equal”), a Texas nonprofit technology company, is tapping into the unique abilities of adults with autism by training them to create mobile apps.  We’ve written about the explosion of Apps that target the special needs market, but this is something new and exciting.

It was founded by three fathers who were concerned about what their sons with autism would do as adults.   Each had noted his son’s interest in computers.  Said one, “he wasn’t playing football, but was on the computer.”  Another observed that many people with Asperger’s “have an uncanny ability to connect with technology.”

What a fantastic example of parents who proactively faced that question we all face … “What’s to become of my child as he ages?”  Focusing not on their childrens’ challenges, but on their gifts, they’ve set an example for all of us.

Read the full Computer World article here.