Another Take on Thanksgiving

wheat stalks SquareOur Thanksgiving Weekend Uplift features Deseret News Columnist Jerry Johnston, offering . . . as he so often does . . . a fresh take on a subject we think we know everything about.  Recasting our role in the “harvest” Thanksgiving celebrates, he suggests a personal responsibility we may have missed before.

“We sing ‘Come, Ye Thankful People, Come’ and our minds immediately flash on that word ‘thankful.’

But it’s the second verse that holds the meaning. It begins, ‘All the world is God’s own field,’ and ends with the line, ‘Lord of harvest, grant that we, wholesome grain and pure may be.’

We are the crop that God has stored up for the difficult winter ahead.

We are his two-year supply.”

Be lifted even further by the FULL article, “Another Take on Thanksgiving.”

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