An Eternal Perspective

Anne Osborn PoelmanIn her book, The Simeon Solution, Dr. Anne Osborn Poelman, internationally respected Neuro-Radiologist and widow of the late Elder Ronald Poelman, describes a conversation in which she found herself confronted by a woman who asked how she as a Mormon woman felt about not holding the Priesthood.  Did she feel slighted?  Unequal?

Be lifted by Sister Poelman’s absolutely spot-on answer.

“Well, I think it’s important to look at things from an eternal perspective.  One of the things that’s very meaningful to me is what I’ve learned in the temple from the covenants we make there.  I think no religion holding as one of its fundamental tenets that the seed of godhood is in every man and every woman and neither can achieve it without the other could by any reasonable, fair definition be called sexist.”

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