A Playground for All

Virginia’s Leesburg Magazine recently wrote . . . “Loudoun County Public Schools have never had a playground that is fully accessible by children in wheelchairs. Now through the hard work of one dedicated volunteer, Cindy Larson, Leesburg’s Sycolin Creek Elementary School has the very first one!” 

The school, in addition to its hundreds of regular ed students, serves as a county-wide magnet school for special needs students, many with physical handicaps.  Sister Larson (see her recent Essay, “Something About Siblings,”) orchestrated the raising of $150,000 and personally worked with the designer/contractor, determined to benefit not just her own wheelchair-bound son, but scores of other families in her community.

The magazine summed it up this way . . . “It is said faith can move a mountain.  Well, faith and a lot of hard work can result in a playground for all of Loudon’s children, regardless of their ability.”