Our newest lead article, Sensory Friendly Apparel, (see below) spotlights a new line of clothing made specifically for youth whose conditions make them especially sensitive to the feel of things.  Once again, a proactive parent has stepped up.

Special Needs Travel is a must-read for families that want to enjoy a less stressful travel experience with their special needs child.  It’s the story of a mother who combined her personal passion for  travel with her knowledge as the parent of a special needs child.  It’s a great example of a principle we often talk about on this site:  God’s preferred way of solving one person’s challenge is to enlist them in solving that challenge for many other people at the same time.


Sensory Friendly Apparel

This site has, and always will be, totally non-commercial.   However, I feel certain that many of our readers would be interested in this. Independence Day Clothing was created to focus on special needs kids, particularly those with autism and other conditions that make them especially … Continued


Special Needs Travel

Traveling with special needs children can be a very difficult thing . . . witness the several airplane incidents that have been in the news this last year. “Trekking into the great unknown is exhilarating for most, but if you are … Continued


From Special Ed to Valedictorian

Chance Mair, who has Asperger’s syndrome, started school in a special education classroom.  This week, he graduated as Valedictorian of suburban Seattle’s Marysville Arts and Technology High School.  His fellow students never knew about his challenges until he decided to … Continued

Personal Essays



It has been said that we should develop an “attitude of gratitude.”  I honestly strive to follow this counsel, and as part of that effort would like to share something that is both humbling and incredibly exciting. Challenges and triumphs … Continued


Early Morning

Sitting here, Though it’s not really quiet, My heart listens carefully, the house is at peace. Morning air is still cool, the birds noisy, singing their love to the world, before day’s heat makes them cease. Already Two of my … Continued


What Kindness Breeds

Energy. It is the most precious commodity in my life. No matter how many chocolate doughnuts I eat, I just can’t seem to create any more of it. Consequently, I have to conserve and protect the energy I have, which doesn’t … Continued


It’s Okay To Be A Lower Light

Sometimes (often?) we feel like we have to know it all, do it all, be it all.  Especially when you parent a medically fragile child, the feeling creeps in.  Do I really know enough?  Can I do it?  I have … Continued


Noble Spirit

David’s body has grown bigger and stronger, but his mind is still behind, trapped inside the prison of autism. His ability to communicate is severely limited and his functioning is impaired by odd behaviors, emotional outbursts and limited understanding. Even … Continued

Conner Green

He Knows Each of Us

Last year we had the summer of I Love Lucy. Just about every night during the kids’ summer break we would watch an episode or two of Lucy.  It was tremendously fun to see the kids enjoy a classic show … Continued


Leaving Home

Let’s be clear … I’m not God.  Nor am I His spokesperson.  But I have studied His words for the majority of my life.  I’ve poured my heart out to Him.  I have listened to His still, small voice.  And, I … Continued

Isenhower 5

Not Sorry

When my daughter Callie was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy a couple of years ago, we received an outpouring of support and love from our friends and family.  Everyone was trying to be so kind and considerate of our feelings.  However, one sentiment that … Continued


The Sword or the Angel

Sally and I sat on the top stair in our home and cried as we tried to deal with the shock of what we had just learned. Elijah had not developed the same as other children; he was delayed.  He … Continued

Lion and Lamb 4

The Lion and the Lamb

Three years ago, our son Landen was born with a severe heart condition. We were shocked and devastated when doctors told us that he was not expected to live to his first birthday. Our little baby boy had a hard … Continued