Liahona Project Authors Lindsey and Ezra Gwilliam have once again written a moving Personal Essay about their daughter Elise that focuses on the positives of an uncertain future.  You can’t help but be touched by What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

Celebrating the “birthday” of The Liahona Project 6 years ago, we are republishing the very first Essay. It expressed the motivation for the Site’s creation as well as the hope that Latter-day Saint families would both share their own stories and find comfort and encouragement in reading those of others. Thanks to a readership that spans America and beyond, both purposes continue to be served. Now, once again, The Red Sea Place.

Summer Care for Service Dogs

Many of our readers have a service dog in their life . . . and those relationships are incredibly important.  We thought this article would be of value this time of year.  As the weather changes, learn how to protect … Continued

Teaching Children With Disabilities

Of interest to all LDS parents of children with disabilities, the Church has produced a comprehensive guide for Primary workers that educates them in understanding different disabilities and how to fulfill their divine responsibility to “include and show compassion toward children … Continued

Hi-tech Toys for Disabled Kids

Engineering and physical therapy students at the University of North Florida have teamed up to fill an important gap in the toy industry. The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (that good woman’s work for … Continued

Personal Essays

What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

A few days ago Elise graduated from Kindergarten. As our family passes through certain milestones with Elise they can be difficult. (What seemed like autism eventually turned into looking like Rett Syndrome.) We certainly have moved passed wishing …

Dismissed From Services

“I’m afraid that most likely your child doesn’t qualify for services anymore.” I heard those dreaded words today.  I paused, afraid that if I responded too soon I’d yell or cry.  I asked a few clarifying questions, blinking back tears … Continued

The Red Sea Place

Have you come to the Red Sea place
___ in your life
Where in spite of all you can do,
There is no way out.
There is no way back.
There is no other way but through.

A Vertical Perspective

I want to kiss it! I want to plant my lips right on that big squished glob on the sole of his shoe. You know why? Because there is a big squished glob on the sole of his shoe. Which … Continued

Orange Socks

Currently, most pregnancies where the fetus is diagnosed with Down syndrome are terminated through abortion.  Today, Down syndrome and several other disabilities can be detected through genetic and other testing “in utero”.  When the news is given, often these shocked … Continued

From Yearning to Serving

Mid-October 2016 This has been the most amazing of hard weeks in many ways.  But this morning, I am only thinking of one of them.  Today is the hinge-point of a new adventure. Over 2 years ago,  my 21 year … Continued

Watching from the Fringe

What do you do for those days when it suddenly hits you that your child may never have the life experiences that you hoped for him?  That he might always be on the sidelines, watching others from the fringe? I know … Continued

The Non Baptism Day

A high pitched squeal of laughter pierces the otherwise reverent Sacrament Meeting as my son, Cohen, races at full speed towards the stand.  My husband’s feet are heavy and loud as he sprints after him.  Besides a few suppressed smiles, … Continued

These Special Ones Can Do Hard Things, Too

A spontaneous standing ovation erupted from the crowd of thousands as Elijah’s name was called.  Elijah couldn’t contain his excitement, so he sprinted up the aisle to the stage.  His grin stretched into a huge smile as he was given … Continued

Noble Spirit

David’s body has grown bigger and stronger, but his mind is still behind, trapped inside the prison of autism. His ability to communicate is severely limited and his functioning is impaired by odd behaviors, emotional outbursts and limited understanding. Even … Continued

It’s Okay To Be A Lower Light

Sometimes (often?) we feel like we have to know it all, do it all, be it all. Especially when you parent a medically fragile child, the feeling creeps in.  Do I really know enough? Can I do it?  I have … Continued

Not Sorry

When my daughter Callie was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy a couple of years ago, we received an outpouring of support and love from our friends and family.  Everyone was trying to be so kind and considerate of our feelings.  However, one sentiment that … Continued