Longtime Liahona Project Author Rebekah Peterson has contributed a timely Essay on the particular dangers of flu season to “fragile” children like her son Aaron who has Trisomy 18.  All our readers … all parents really … will identify to some degree.  Don’t miss Grounded … for “Life”.

It’s all over Facebook … and exciting to see so many readers (not just special needs parents) thrilled about it.  Did you know that since 2010, the Gerber baby food company has sponsored a contest to select the “Gerber Baby of the Year”?  Just announced, the 2018 winner is Lucas Warren, who happens to have Down Syndrome.  Read more HERE.

One of our readers has just brought to our attention a company that designs and manufactures clothing specifically for those with Down Syndrome.  This is a great story of a grandmother’s love and what it has accomplished.  Also … a great resource for stylish clothing for that population.  Don’t miss Downs Designs.

Every Baby is a Gerber Baby

Did you know that since 2010, the Gerber baby food company has sponsored a contest to select the “Gerber Baby of the Year”?  Just announced, the 2018 winner is Lucas Warren, who happens to have Down Syndrome. “Lucas’s smile and … Continued

Downs Designs

Karen Bowersox of Ohio is a grandmother who saw a real need and did something about it.  Her granddaughter Maggie wanted to look great in jeans, the mainstay of teen fashion, but having Downs Syndrome meant her proportions, particularly leg … Continued

Tax Tips for Special Need Families

It’s that time . . . and families with special needs dependents need to be aware of the latest tax guidelines. A nationally noted expert on special needs planning  gives the following advice. There are many tax deductions and credits available that parents may … Continued

Personal Essays

Grounded . . . for “Life”

Boom!  He’s grounded.  Until Easter. Yeah, we tried to make it work this winter.  He’s doing so well.  But more and more I’m hearing about how bad the flu season is.  More people around here are getting sick.  More children … Continued

Looking Up

Some days, as much as you want to be strong and capable, it just doesn’t work out that way.  Whatever is on your plate at the moment, like chronic fatigue, or ptsd, or whatever fiery furnace is the lot of … Continued

Temple Tuesday

The Counselor in the Bishopric reverently concluded his testimony and said, “Amen”.  A resounding evangelical “Amen” rose up from the congregation.  I didn’t need to look to know that it was my son who shouted it. Raising a special needs … Continued

Dear UPS Guy

Dear UPS Guy, It’s early Friday evening, and I know we are both tired.  But in your effort to save yourself some steps, you prevented someone who is unable to take any steps at all from going into a toy … Continued

What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

A few days ago Elise graduated from Kindergarten. As our family passes through certain milestones with Elise they can be difficult. (What seemed like autism eventually turned into looking like Rett Syndrome.) We certainly have moved passed wishing …

The Red Sea Place

Have you come to the Red Sea place
___ in your life
Where in spite of all you can do,
There is no way out.
There is no way back.
There is no other way but through.

Orange Socks

Currently, most pregnancies where the fetus is diagnosed with Down syndrome are terminated through abortion.  Today, Down syndrome and several other disabilities can be detected through genetic and other testing “in utero”.  When the news is given, often these shocked … Continued

Watching from the Fringe

What do you do for those days when it suddenly hits you that your child may never have the life experiences that you hoped for him?  That he might always be on the sidelines, watching others from the fringe? I know … Continued

The Non Baptism Day

A high pitched squeal of laughter pierces the otherwise reverent Sacrament Meeting as my son, Cohen, races at full speed towards the stand.  My husband’s feet are heavy and loud as he sprints after him.  Besides a few suppressed smiles, … Continued

Noble Spirit

David’s body has grown bigger and stronger, but his mind is still behind, trapped inside the prison of autism. His ability to communicate is severely limited and his functioning is impaired by odd behaviors, emotional outbursts and limited understanding. Even … Continued

Not Sorry

When my daughter Callie was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy a couple of years ago, we received an outpouring of support and love from our friends and family.  Everyone was trying to be so kind and considerate of our feelings.  However, one sentiment that … Continued